Excellent in nail care because we want to keep you on your toes!

I'm a Certified Advanced and Certified Medical Nail Technician ANT/MNT

with over 17 year's experience in nail care.

I believe in the connection between the health of my clients feet and safer services by understanding the importance of sterilization.

My nail suite is a one on one private nail suite.

Natural waterless pedicure so there's no cross contamination.

Implements are sterilized or disposable and NEVER reused.

Your Health is Our Top Priority

Safe Soles Foot Care is one of several salons nationwide that have gone the extra mile to show their clients that their health is their top priority by becoming Safe Salon Certified. If you travel and wish to find a Safe Salon near you, go to SafeSalon.org to find other salons within the network.

Certified Advanced and Certified Medical Nail Technicians are so much more than pedicurists. We are trained in higher standards of nailcare and to assist individuals who are immune system compromised. We know how to recognize when a client should be referred to Physician's for care.


We are committed to the highest quality nail services. The best Pediceutical foot care products for amazing results.